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Melina Kalem


A human rights advocate and an English language teacher, Melina was born in Konjic and raised in Sarajevo. She holds a BA in English language and literature and a MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Sarajevo. Melina has been greatly involved in the field of education, having experience in teaching English language in local and emergency contexts. She also worked as a consultant to a US based organization ‘The Global Sleepover’ that strives to bring 21st century education and skills to post-conflict areas. In 2020, Melina obtained her second MA in Democracy and Human Rights of South-East Europe from the Global Campus of Human Rights, with a specific focus on youth activism and climate justice. Her research interests include children’s and environmental rights. She is an avid lover of traveling and exploration, books, languages and outdoor activities.


Updated April 2021