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Micah Friedman


Micah is currently a third-year rabbinical student in the pluralistic Beis Midrash (house of learning) of Hebrew College in Newton, Massachusetts. Born and raised near Tampa, Florida, Micah has long been dedicated to building Jewish community and translating the wisdom of Jewish tradition to guide contemporary seekers towards meaningful lives and society towards increasingly just structures. In addition to participating in the HIA fellowship in Berlin, during his time as an undergraduate at Florida State University, Micah studied Religion, Middle-Eastern Studies, and Psychology, served as student director of Hillel on campus, and founded a J Street U chapter and an Interfaith student initiative in partnership with Muslim students. Before enrolling in rabbinical school, Micah spent time living in the holy city of Jerusalem learning Torah, living in a temporary urban-commune, and supporting the work of Palestinian and Israeli grassroots efforts to build a shared society and challenge ongoing state-sponsored violence against Palestinians. Now located in Boston, Micah spends most of his time studying and sharing Talmud, Halakha, Parshanut, and Kaballah (several of the foundational genres of Jewish religious literature). Simultaneously, he has taken an active role in supporting various communal efforts in pursuit of racial justice and responsible environmental activism.


updated September 2020