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Nanna Lund


Nanna Lund is a social and political advocate, activist, and writer dedicated to fostering intersectional and decolonial social change, with a focus on the rights and justice of marginalized communities. She holds degrees from the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and the Norwegian Academy of Fine Writing. Through her practice as a writer and cultural mediator, she facilitates norm-critical artistic spaces and investigates how collective artistic expression enables social movement. Nanna serves at an international NGO working to empower youth communities in underserved housing areas and conflict zones across Europe, the MENA region, Kenya, Somaliland, and Ghana. Here, she is currently part of establishing a Community House in Beirut, Lebanon. Nanna is deeply committed to addressing structural injustices and inequities, significantly impacting ethnic and gender minorities, and how to combat oppressive power structures, by building sustainable, resilient, and inclusive communities.

Updated May 2024