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Naomi van Kleef


Naomi van Kleef is a recent graduate who works as an artist and writer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She holds a double bachelor’s in Cultural Analysis and Photography. Of Dutch, Jewish, and Thai heritage, she is researching and reconnecting to her ancestral roots. She works as an organizer in an art-educational community, engaging in grassroots initiatives to deepen her understanding of what it means to create inclusive and supportive environments. She is part of the FOTODOK Lighthouse program for social-documentary photographers, in which her current focus lies on women’s stories and the power of challenging dominant narratives. Naomi believes in amplifying invisible voices and personally finds power in poetry and spoken word. This summer, she will explore her essayistic narrative writing during the Paris residency with DeBuren. In everyday life, she attempts to implement playful curiosity into her responsibilities.

Updated May 2024