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Nushin Yazdani

Artist and Interaction Designer


Nushin Isabelle Yazdani is an interaction and transformation designer, artist, and AI researcher. In her work, she examines the interconnectedness of digital technologies and social justice, and artificial intelligence and discrimination, from an intersectional feminist perspective. With the communities that are directly impacted by the designed outcomes, she seeks to create and explore design processes that dismantle oppressive structures. At the Education Innovation Lab, Nushin works on transforming the education system and creating innovative learning methods. She is a lecturer at different universities and a member of the Design Justice Network dgtl fmnsm, an interdisciplinary collective dealing with the emancipatory opportunities offered by technology and feminism. Apart from teaching, Nushin also curates and organizes community events at the intersection of technology, art, and design.

“Within this fellowship I will work on a digital think (and make) tank on AI technology and society – as a space for visionary fiction and speculative art, community organizing, and resources for design justice movement building.”

Learn more about Nushin’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here and you can find her personal blog here.


Updated June 2021

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