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Rasmus Søndergaard


Rasmus Sinding Søndergaard is a senior researcher with the Foreign policy and diplomacy department at DIIS, Danish Institute for International Studies. Prior to that, Rasmus was a researcher at the Department of History at Lund University. His research interests lie within US foreign policy, human rights history, and transatlantic relations. Funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, he is currently working on a project on Scandinavian human rights diplomacy at the United Nations. Rasmus holds a PhD from the University of Southern Denmark and has been a postdoc at Georgetown University and a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley. He is the recipient of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Elite Research Travel Grant and fellowships from the Carlsberg Foundation and the American-Scandinavian Foundation. He frequently provides commentary on US politics in Danish media. He is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (2011 Copenhagen Fellowship, 2012 Congressional Fellowship).


Updated November 2023.