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Ridvan Aydin


Born and raised in Balikesir, a small Turkish city, Ridvan is now a second-year International Business student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After he completed his bachelor’s at Marmara University in Istanbul, he emigrated to the Netherlands. His self-experiences push him to be enthusiastic about the topics of social justice and newcomer integration. He plans to pursue a master’s degree in which he can discuss social issues from a business perspective; such as workplace discrimination, DEI, and wellbeing at work. He is the project manager of the EAN Mentorship Program to help refugees to build networks and land jobs. To break the silence about political persecutions and imprisonments of youngsters in Turkey, he manages several social media channels and works on a documentary. His Fellowship project will be a podcast, in which he will interview refugees to understand their struggles. He believes refugees, policymakers, and society will benefit from the outputs.


Updated May 2022