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Sascha Wijnhoven


Born and raised in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Sascha Wijnhoven is a young professional with a Master of Arts at the Radboud University. Next year, she starts her second master in Education in Utrecht to become a first degree arts teacher. As a trainee in social entrepreneurship, she supported community initiatives in professionalizing their enterprise and now, as a freelance workshop instructor, she promotes digital and active citizenship and personal leadership. During her four- month stay in Semarang, Indonesia, Sascha helped to build, execute and sustain a longterm kindergarten programme for underprivileged children in collaboration with a pedagogue, a child psychologist, and other local professionals. In her spare time, Sascha coaches young newcomers in Utrecht and organises a traveling Dutch language cafe for young newcomers, expats, and students. After her studies, Sascha wants to contribute to the innovation of education in The Netherlands or abroad.

Updated May 2018