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Tess Luttikhuis


Born in Utrecht with a high-school diploma from a tiny Norwegian village, Tess now studies Liberal Arts and Sciences in Maastricht. She focuses on Public Policy and Human Rights with a minor in Psychology and has a particular interest in children’s rights. As an events-coordinator at ImpactLab in Maastricht, she aims to help societally engaged students by organizing skills-workshops for them. Tess also helps young students with a migration background learn Dutch. In the summer, she enjoys helping out at a summer camp for Dutch families below the poverty line. This year, she helped set up an effective altruism committee in Maastricht, aimed at showing students an evidence-based approach to helping others. As a grateful graduate from an idealistic and international United World College school, she helps out with their promotion and selection of new students. In her free time she loves to sing and participate in theatre productions.


Updated May 2019