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Mara Dorofte


Originally from the north-eastern part of Romania, Mara currently lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and identifies as a European citizen, rather than belonging to only one culture. She will begin her third year as a student of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics in a small-scale, unique, intensive program which raised her interest for academic research on Social Development and its applicability in policymaking. Before moving to Amsterdam, Mara was a professional fencer. As a student of an interdisciplinary major, Mara values a holistic perspective on the reality of human rights and wishes to bring empathy into the study of forced displacement and conflict resolution. She highly values storytelling and open-mindedness and hopes she will be able to use these qualities into a future career as an Identity Politics researcher. Even if it’s a daily routine, Mara still enjoys biking through Amsterdam and is keen to see other cities becoming more sustainable!

Updated May 2018