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Viktor Clark


Viktor is a second-year doctoral student in the Social Behavioral Science program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Heading into their dissertation phase, their research is centered on understanding the strength and stressors LGBTQIA people experience throughout a lifetime and how these experiences impact health and wellness. Part of their goal of the research is to find new and innovative ways to make findings from research more accessible. This includes social media campaigns, wearable art, and interactive experiences. Viktor’s aim for this generation and the next generation is to inform, develop, and ignite agency in individuals through his research. They believe this gives people the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

In Viktor’s spare time they work on launching a gender-neutral, livable wage, social justice-oriented, casual, and activewear line called Emote Actively. It aims to inspire a disrupter culture and encourage everyone to get “active” in causes that stimulate emotions.


Updated April 2021

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