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Zoe Robbin


Zoe Robbin is a graduate of Emory College with a double major in Quantitative Sciences and Arabic. At Emory, Zoe has explored the intersection between global health and culture, with an eye towards human rights. Zoe studied abroad in Morocco where she researched diabetes prevention in a rural village. Her work received the Distinguished Paper Award in Middle Eastern Studies for its consideration of social norms around disease prevention. In 2018, Zoe was named an Emory Global Health Field Scholar to research sexual harassment at a Jordanian University, as part of her senior thesis. Her research analyzed the power of tribal networks in sexual harassment sanctioning and was awarded Highest Honors for its conceptualization of power. Following the Humanity in Action Amsterdam program, Zoe will serve as an English teacher in France through the TAPIF Program. She plans to partner with members of her new community to develop her Action Project.


Updated May 2019

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