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A Campaign for a More Cultured Krajina


A Campaign for a More Cultured Krajina had an aim of raising awareness about the importance of culture, primarily among young people, but also among other citizens of Krajina (North-Western region of BiH). Members of the group (Đorđe Ostić, Miloš Macura, Eldin Begić, Arnela Zečević, Ammar Liđan) divided the project into two phases:

  1. First phase was to be implemented in the two BH entities (Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska) and had the aim of connecting people through culture by promoting cultural institutions and cultural events in Banja Luka (Republika Srpska) and Bihać (Federation of BiH) through street art. Group members held a number of meetings with the representatives of relevant cultural institutions and events that were to be promoted (e.g. representatives of the National Theater of Republika Srpska and the Museum of Republika Srpska, both in Banja Luka). The representatives of these institutions welcomed the idea wholeheartedly, however, due to massive floods that swept Banja Luka at the exact period when this part of the project was to be implemented, the promotional activities in Banja Luka did not take place. The promotional activities for the cultural institutions in Bihać still took place (Bihać was luckily not affected by the floods).
  2. Second phase included launching a website dedicated to gathering all the cultural events and descriptions of what Bihać, Banja Luka and other cities in the Krajina region, have to offer in terms of culture. The website was first of its kind, since it encompassed cultural events and institutions in two BH entities, as well as different cities in Krajina region. Website was promoted through street art, posters and stickers around the cities involved.

The idea was to try to connect people through culture in the region, rather than create divisions based on etnicity and entity affiliations.

This project is generously supported by: