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A discussion space for the whole city


We live in a time of echo chambers and disconnect between politics and civil society. Particularly on the local level, we see on one hand, the possibility for a more democratic environment, while on the other, the lack of political participation. This is even more true for those who are underrepresented in public discourse. It is essential for those who are unheard to have a voice in public discourse when it comes to a living democracy on the local level. Yannik Roscher‘s Action Project is an extension of an existing project: the “DemokratieWagen.” In this project, a public bus was transformed into a space for living democracy.

The DemokratieWagen

At the center of his project are the following issues:

  • fostering dialogue between a diverse and socially disconnected civil society
  • enabling a space for dialogue between civil society and politics
  • making those heard who are often unheard
  • transforming the knowledge of those who are underrepresented in the public discourse into a specific space for living democracy

Within the scope of this project, Yannik organized a workshop that focused on the last issue, particularly for those who are often unheard. He provided a space for people to decide what living democracy could look like. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a more open procedure was tested and will be expanded in the future. Through interactive methods, the questions of inclusivity and openness will be taken up wherever the bus is and worked on with the people on site.

Yannik hopes that his action project will develop an open and integrative transformation plan for the DemokratieWagen. A plan of and for those who are often unheard in the public discourse.