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Fighting Falsehoods, Breaking Barriers, & Building Bridges from Coast-to-Coast


Fighting Falsehoods connects fellows of Abrahamic House across faith through two in-person gatherings in Washington DC following the 2024 US elections. Abrahamic House will work to equip its fellows (from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) with new skills to respond to challenges, share their own struggles, and speak with the Washington DC community about how the politicization of memory has affected their own perceptions.

Committed to breaking down barriers and building bridges between those of Abrahamic faiths and other beliefs, past and present Abrahamic House fellows will gather for a weekend retreat in Washington DC next year to share best practices and learn from other experts about new tools that they can employ to increase understanding between different faiths and political identities. A Shabbat Dinner for young professionals centered around breaking bread and speaking about the world we wish to see and a program for the general public that highlights our fellows who can speak to the dangers of the politicization of memory, the challenge of a loss of democracy, and their own lived experiences.

Abrahamic House past fellows will return to their respective communities to facilitate meaningful dialogue, our current fellows in the Abrahamic House in DC will carry out programs designed to counter falsehoods, and the leaders we work with will carry the message.


Updated April 2024