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Memory Garden. An Eco-Residence for Artists and Researchers


“Memory Garden” serves as a conduit to connect our first memories intertwined with nature and the climate. The trajectory of this exploration is to critically examine whether these individual encounters have shaped our outlook on the climate crisis, and if so, in what nuanced capacity. Moreover, the “Memory Garden” offers a convergence point for two distinct cohorts: artists and scholars, collaborating harmoniously to forge innovative artistic instruments that will effectively articulate the project’s concerns to a broader societal spectrum.

Introducing climate justice into the Polish public discourse is grounded in a firm conviction about the imperative for fair and contextualized solutions to the climate crisis. It’s important to acknowledge that while Poland might not have a colonial history, it remains entangled in postcolonial structures within the contemporary neoliberal global framework.

However, the dialogue surrounding Poland’s potential colonial ambitions is largely absent in both ecological NGOs and public opinion. Given this, the urgency to initiate a critical discourse on this topic in Poland is paramount. Without such discussions, it remains challenging to effectively introduce the concept of climate justice to the country. Memory Garden hopes to overcome that challenge.


Updated April 2024