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Learning How to Study


EDVACAY Fellows Nevena Brkić, Amra Mešić, Muhamed Kozlica, and Siniša Pećanac chose university students as the target group for “Learning How to Study” civic campaign. Inspired by the lack of courses for academic writing in universities all across Bosnia and Herzegovina, group conducted research on how to address the issues of studying for exams and writing essays in an original and creative way.

After noticing a lack informative video material about learning, the group decided to create an online video project in order to provide students with much needed advice on how to better prepare for exams and write better essays.

Result of the campaign is a YouTube channel with 12 videos in which the members of the group presented different learning methods and techniques. Group also created a handbook to accompany the video material.

The video topics not only cover different learning styles, principles and methods, but also physiology of memory, and even tips on finding motivation to study and preparing for study sessions.

Learning How to Study group

This project is generously supported by: