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“Leave and Enter Properly”. Podcasts about Work that Drives You.


Diana Daiub, being passionate about human rights, immigration rights and dispute resolution studied law and participated in multiple international law competitions. In order to deepen her human rights and leadership competences Diana became involved with Humanity in Action, first as a 2016 Fellow of Humanity in Action Fellowship in Berlin and consecutively as a Humanity in Action 2017 Congressional Fellow.

As Diana likes to stress, she was raised by her Ukrainian-Russian mother and Syrian father in Kyiv, Ukraine. This implies that she is no stranger to diversity and non-typical yet vibrant life paths. Her Action Project, a series of podcasts (in Ukrainian, Russian, English) entitled Leave and Enter Properly. Podcasts  about Work that Drives You explores those very themes from various angles.

As Diana stresses “The main idea of the podcast is that it is possible to find the work you will love. It could be a new profession, it could be entrepreneurship, it could be anything. But it is important to be honest with yourself in your desires and not be afraid to try new things.”

Being human rights savvy Diana made sure that the topics which her guests take up focus also on professions which are socially-responsible. That is how, Humanity in Action Poland became a partner for the series of talks with social entrepreneurs.

Tune in to listen to conversations with inspiring people from various sectors!

Leave and Enter Properly. Podcasts  about Work that Drives You is sponsored by the House of Europe.

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