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Lectures on the Arctic


Senior Fellow Trine Pejstrup was surprised by the general lack of knowledge on and insight into the topic of the Unity of the Realm, therefore she saw no other opportunity than having her project address this exact issue in hopes of raising awareness on the topic within Danish youth.

Trine partnered up with RIKO – Rådet for International Konfliktløsning, as they were interested in engaging youth in the issues of Arctic security. A volunteer from RIKO collaborated with Trine to plan and facilitate a lecture for high school students in Copenhagen on the topic of The Unity of the Realm, the state of the Arctic, and Arctic security.

To be honest, I had limited insight into the Unity until my Humanity in Action fellowship. Therefore, I saw no other opportunity than having my project address this exact issue.

Danish high school students were in this project introduced to basic history of the Unity of the Realm and the relationships between the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark throughout time, as well as the international political landscape in the Arctic.