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Politigra - play for change!


Anna Karwatka is a lawyer and a Fellow of 2020 Humanity in Action Warsaw Fellowship/Academy of Human Rights. Her main interests include digital rights, United States politics and civic participation. Not surprisingly then, her Action Project aims to increase young people’s knowledge of the political discourse and their engagement in civic activism.

Specifically, Anna is developing a card/board game (ideally connecting both), which would help instigate discussions on political topics and current events because as she stresses “I have found gamification methodology in youth work to work very well.” The game will combine strategic thinking with the necessity to apply solutions to real world problems regarding civil rights and basic political and economic concepts. At the same time it aims to educate the players about different ways in which they can make a difference in their local communities as well as on a national level. The game will also showcase the limitations that citizens face at different stages of political processes (e.g. lack of resources, money, hostility of different groups, prejudice, etc.). The game will be played during workshops with teenagers in the coming months – pandemic reality permitting.