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Pozitivnije (On the Bright Side)


The coronavirus pandemic negatively affected the lives of billions of people around the entire world. Not just physically, but mentally as well. However, despite the general defeatist effect it had worldwide, the pandemic time also had some positive effects on random people’s lives.

Thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle, a large number of people often found themselves in a situation where they did not have enough time for their loved ones. The situation was further exacerbated by the pandemic of the corona virus that appeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina in March 2020. After the first cases of coronavirus were registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a mandatory isolation was imposed on the citizens. In addition to isolation and curfew, citizens around the world had to adhere to physical distance and various social activities to protect their loved ones from the corona virus infection. These are just some of the reasons that have led people to try to connect and socialize online during a lock-down. For some, online platforms were the only way they could maintain family relations, friendships and love relationships.

Pozitivnije is a project led by EDVACAY Fellows Aiša Avdić, Aleksandra Đukić, Milica Čikić and Ševala Huzejrović who strive to explore those positive stories and promote them through social media channels. Their goal is to promote interpersonal relations in a time of the pandemic, raising awareness of the importance of maintaining good communication, and reducing the level of isolation through online interactive socialization. The end result is a website and a Story Book with the most interesting stories which will be promoted on a live event.

Their goals are the promotion of interpersonal relations in crisis situations such as a pandemic, raising awareness of the importance of maintaining good communication and interpersonal relationships, the opportunity for people to tell their story to others and for it to reach a large number of people, reducing isolation through interactive online socializing, spreading positive energy and positive human stories and overcoming differences through identification with other people.

Our project is the beginning of the awakening of social engagement when it comes to interpersonal relations during a pandemic. Many people felt lonely during the lock-down, and some still feel the effects of being distanced from their families, friends, or partners. However, many people tried to keep in touch and not lose contact. With our publication, we want to show others that healthy interpersonal relationships are possible even in special conditions such as the corona virus pandemic.

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