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Privacy Issues on Dating Apps


The idea for the project arose in early 2023 after some dating apps had been publishing sensitive and personal information of their users in the last few years, without prior consent. The fact that, according to some research, in the period from 2019 to 2021, as many as six out of nine dating applications did not improve the data protection system of their users also sounds worrying. In addition, it is noticeable that in the media space in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is almost no talk at all about the protection of personal data in the online space, including dating applications.

This project aims to raise awareness among young people, particularly those aged 18 to 25, about the risks of sharing personal information on dating apps. It consists of two phases: an initial education session on data protection for a small group of young individuals, followed by three weeks of research with mentorship. The participants will then be divided into two teams to form arguments both for and against sharing personal information on dating apps. In the final phase, they will engage in a public debate on the subject, with judges providing their opinions in February of next year. The project’s venues are expected to be the local high school Gimnazija Gradiška or the non-governmental organization MOST.

Additionally, project included an activity in Sarajevo in September with the Fellows/participants of the local Fellowship “Encouraging Democratic Values and Active Citizenship Among Youth”. A workshop on “Data protection on dating applications” was conducted as a part of the Action project, where participants engaged in a session exploring the functionality of dating app algorithms. During this workshop, they delved into the advantages and risks associated with using dating apps, aiming to address several key questions as part of a debate: how to protect ones privacy, is it safe to use dating apps, how much is ones security in the online space at risk, and what should one pay special attention to. The primary objective of the workshop was to increase the awareness of young individuals regarding the use of dating apps and to educate them about safeguarding their right to privacy within the realm of online dating.

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