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Roots & Routes



Uejanaua Tjihumino is a native of Namibia who moved to the Netherlands in 2018 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in International and European law. After graduating, she had high hopes of finding work, but those were crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other students, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree. In August 2022 she graduated with a Master’s in International Human Rights Law, but still struggled to find work.

It was during this time that she realized how challenging it can be for Afro-Caribbean graduates to navigate the Dutch labor market successfully. As a student pursuing a Master’s degree, she was puzzled about where to begin and how to find information, which seemed to only be shared on a personal basis but not consolidated in one place.

“I knew that I wasn’t alone in this, so I decided to create the Roots and Routes newsletter as a resource for other graduates like myself who are seeking guidance and support in the Dutch labor market.”

Roots and Routes is a newsletter dedicated to empowering, connecting, and celebrating Afro-Caribbean alumni and graduates. Its mission is to promote communication and cooperation among alumni graduates of Dutch Universities (WO and HBO) who are dedicated to the advancement of people of Afro-Caribbean descent. The Roots and Routes newsletter seeks to foster a network for personal and professional connections and gives alumni of color a sense of community and family.


The project and its ambition 

Roots and Routes aims to provide an extension of the Black Alumni Network specifically for Afro-Caribbean graduates who wish to relocate permanently to the Netherlands. By sharing personal and professional development stories, tips, and tricks, it hopes to create a platform that provides graduates and alumni with the knowledge, guidance, and support necessary to navigate the Dutch labor market successfully. Its goal is to establish a community where members can connect and network with other like-minded individuals and professionals.

The plan it to establish a network of senior-level professionals and penultimate students who can provide valuable advice and tips on navigating the Dutch labor market. It will also feature the stories of entry to senior-level Afro-Caribbean graduates in the Netherlands through a blog, sharing their experiences, and promoting personal and professional growth.