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United Colors of Sarajevo


Senior Fellows Berina Verlašević and Elma Beslic addressed the problem of vulnerable children, and the lack of education they receive when it comes to the children’s rights and responsibilities. Berina and Elma recognized that orphaned children and socially disadvantaged children are usually neglected by society and that, very often, they don’t have a chance to obtain a formal education and equal opportunities. They organized a workshop for children without parental care and socially disadvantageous children, where they had the opportunity to receive more information about their basic children’s rights and responsibilities. The participants learned about children’s rights through interactive workshops (presentations, games, etc.). Afterward, they drew their views about how they perceive children rights.

From drawings that children made during workshop, Elma and Berina designed postcards that they shared during a street awareness action/campaign they organized for Sarajevo citizens. Berina and Elma talked to passers-by about children’s rights, responsibilities, and the importance of their active participation when it comes to protection and implementation of children’s rights. Even though their focus was on orphaned children and socially disadvantaged children, they made sure that citizens were aware that children’s rights are applied to every child on planet Earth and that they need to be respected.