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Updating Boston College Law School's Non-discrimination Policy


As a law student at Boston College, Senior Fellow Sean Patrick McGinley was surprised to discover that the school’s non-discrimination policy did not include protections for gender identity and expression. Over the past few decades, students have tried to update this policy without success. Sean and fellow  lawstudents were motivated to change how the topic was approached, in order to create a successful new policy.

Sean’s Action Project addressed the potential for protection of individuals in the case of discrimination against gender identity and/or expression. This, in turn, would allow for stricter punishment in the case of discrimination suits on campus and create an atmosphere where all students were protected equally. Ultimately, the project successfully changed the school’s policy to explicitly include gender identity and expression in its non-discrimination policies. As a result, the school can take affirmative action to prevent gender discrimination at the law school.

Read the call to action here.