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Vršnjačko nasilje kroz vrijeme


“Vršnjačko nasilje kroz vrijeme” is a project developed by Hana Hodžić (2021 Amsterdam Fellowship), Medina Mahmić (2021 Amsterdam Fellowship) and Imane Bellaadem (2021 Copenhagen Fellowship) that contains the idea of raising awareness of parents, teachers, and students about the topic of intergenerational and peer violence and its effect on the victims and bullies. By using a timeline of events related to the topic, the project aims to showcase to children around Bosnia and Herzegovina how violence is never the appropriate way of reacting or responding to another person.

The project visited several BiH cities including Sarajevo, Bihać, and Mostar. During the visit, they invited students, teachers, and parents and asked them to donate one object or symbol that reminded them of times when the experienced peer violence. By using the technique of time capsule, at a final ceremony in Sarajevo, the team buried the received objects. The Fellows’ idea is to invite all the people who donated certain objects after 15 years, to come and be part of the object excavation.

A workshop was also held in Sarajevo; it featured a discussion related to intergenerational violence. The workshop was filmed and is available in a video format. The ceremony also featured anonymous confessions by both bullies and victims; the confessions were used as a promotional tool during the campaign and were later exposed during the final workshop ceremony.


Download the Project Publication

Publication contains true stories of peer violence, gathered through an anonimous online survey

Project Activities

Vršnjačko nasilje kroz vrijeme

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