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The Copehagen Fellowship 2023

Climate Change, Human Rights and Democracies in Crises


In 2023, 2024 and 2025 the Copenhagen Fellowship focuses especially on the intersection of Climate change and Human Rights, and how to strengthen democrasies. Read more below to learn how the 2023 Cph Fellowship went.

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The 2023 International Online Program

The International Online Program rethinks ways of creating community online

Since the global pandemic forced Humanity in Action to be creative and reinvent the way we build community, we have opened our Summer Fellowships with a couple of International Online Program days for the entire international cohort.

This was also the case in June 2023, when all of our international Fellows came together, and met virtually for the very first time.

All 76 international Fellows, from all of our Fellowships, engaged in an amazing worldwide online community building session stretching over several days.

“I really loved the first Opening Day, where speakers talked about activism and deconstructed the idea of hope.” Will Clarck, 2023 Copenhagen Fellow

2023 Copenhagen Fellow Will Clark. Meet Will here.


The International Opening Program in 2023 centered around topics such as “Grief, Transformation & Hope” and “Colonialism & Climate Justice“. The Fellows also investigated ways of online community building and how to take action on matters close to their hearts.

Speakers and Senior Fellows from different countries and walks of life enlightened both Fellows and staff and sparked intense, dynamic and inspiring discussions that streched beyond the screen. And touched many of us with their passion and commitment. 

“I really appreciated the speakers’ critical lens and the unique perspectives they shared. It was inspiring to see Senior Fellows engaged in activism after their programs.” 2023 Copenhagen Fellow commenting on the Online Program


Climate Change, Human Rights and Democracies in Crises

The 2023 Copenhagen Fellowship dived into the complex issues of Climate Change and Democracies in Crises through the lens of Human Rights.

After the the International Online Program, all Copenhagen Fellows met in person for the first time at our main Fellowship location in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2023 we held the Fellowship in the lovely setting of “Karens Minde Kulturhus” in the south part of Copenhagen.

2023 Copenhagen Fellow Anne Sofie Lindberg Knudsen. Meet Anne Sofie here.

The Fellows represented many different nationalities: Danish, American, Ukranian, Bosnien, Polish, German and Chinese to name a few. Meet all of the 2023 Copenhagen Fellows here (scroll down to see all the Fellows participating in the Copenhagen Fellowship).

During our three weeks together in Copenhagen, our Fellows explored questions such as, how can we ensure democracy and human rights in a world of crisis and upheaval? How do we avoid losing sight of climate change in the midst of all the present crises of the world today? And especially how do we avoid action turning into apathy?

Through workshops, discussions and presentations by experts, politicians, NGOs, activists and other actors in these fields, the purpose of the Fellowship was to equip Fellows with knowledge of how to engage with society’s greatest challenges of today, and to explore concrete ways of action.

“It’s been really valuable to discuss climate change in an international setting. I was very inspired to hear the perspectives of others and how committed they were to learning more.” Anne Sofie Lindberg Knudsen, 2023 Cpg Fellow

2023 Copenhagen Fellowship Speakers

Our renowned speakers come with a wide range of backgrounds and love to share their knowledge and perspectives with our Fellows and community.

Snapshots from the 2023 Copenhagen Fellowship

Our Fellowship Supporters in 2023-2025

We thank our supporters and partners, host families, Senior Fellows and friends of Humanity in Action. These contributions help to prepare outstanding students for a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility and the promotion of human rights.