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How to Apply

Whether you apply from the USA or Europe, exciting Fellowship programs are within your reach.

Applications for the 2024 Fellowships are now closed. To be notified when applications open for 2025 programs, please complete this form.

Application Process and Eligibility

There are two different application processes for applicants from Europe and applicants from the US. Depending on where you are applying from, you may also be eligible for different Fellowship programs.

See here for more detailed descriptions of:


What are we generally looking for?

Photo: Courtesy of EVZ Foundation, 2022 European Fellowship Fellows
  • Fluent English speakers (all programs are conducted in English).
  • People we accept to our Fellowships are reflective and self-reflective, critical and self-critical. They demonstrate openness, humility, and a readiness to challenge their own preconceptions.
  • Successful candidates are willing to engage in difficult yet constructive and meaningful dialogue. They appreciate the complex interweaving of many identities and perspectives.
  • Future Fellows need to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and allow space for misunderstanding and mistakes in the process of learning. They acknowledge others’ learning and healing processes.
  • Learn more about successful candidates here.

Interested in joining one of our Fellowships? Learn more about your region’s application process below.

Applying from Europe

Humanity in Action invites applications from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland, and Ukraine. If you are living in one of the countries or have the citizenship of one of these countries (but live abroad), you are required to apply through our European application process.

Those applying from Europe can view Frequently Asked Questions here, or email with any questions.


Applying from the United States

If you are a student or recent graduate in/from the US, you are required to apply through our US application process. As a US based applicant you can apply to the Amsterdam Fellowship, Berlin Fellowship, Copenhagen Fellowship, Sarajevo Fellowship, and Warsaw Fellowship. 

Applicants from the US can view Frequently Asked Questions here or email with any questions.