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'HOME' - from the 2022 HUMAN RIGHTS Cph Fellowship podcast series



During the 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts. The Fellows where free to choose a topic, but all episodes touch upon issues related to Human Rights.


This episode is created by 2022 Copenhagen Fellows Alina Savchenko, Mira Vance, Marie-Louise Skov Jensen, and Colin Tredway. They explore the following questions:

What is home, when you are forced to flea, when what you thought was your home suddenly becomes a warzone? And what if the place you are supposed to call home is not safe, but filled with conflict?
What defines a home?

We are grateful to Sørine Rasmussen (Senior Fellow & Political Consultant at Børns Vilkår), Ole Philpson (Former Danish Ambassador), Daniz Kiy (Author and Poet), Mahmoud Ismail (Project Manager for Rappolitics), Nadim Burkan (Digital Artist and Musician), and Magnus Bell (Head of Secretariat at Rapolitics) for participating in the podcast.