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'COLONIALISM' - from the 2022 HUMAN RIGHTS Cph Fellowship podcast series



During the 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts. The Fellows where free to choose a topic, but all episodes touch upon issues related to Human Rights.


It is a well known fact that colonialism continues to shape the present for most descendents of colonial rule – as is the fact that education has always been a key tool for maintaining colonial power structures. Denmark has in recent years discussed the need to aknowledge its colonial heritage – a least concerning the shared history with Greenland. In this podcast a group of 2022 Copenhagen Fellows shed light upon the so called Experiment which began in 1951, and led to an official state apology in 2021. Besides showing the complex role of education, the podcast shows that coming to terms with the past is a journey that has just begun, if at all.

The podcast is created by Maida Zagorac, Paulina Saerbeck, Sonya Zayneb Ouertani

We would like to Jens Heinrich (Head of the Greenlandic Representation in Copenhagen), Anne-Kirstine Hermann (Author, Journalist and Assistant Professor), and Aviaja Egede Lynge (National Spokesperson for Children’s Rights in Greenland) for participating in the podcast.