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Presenting the Podcast Series: 'Stories From the Unity of the Realm'



We are happy to announce the very first Copenhagen Fellowship Podcast Series!

During the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship all Fellows produced a mini-podcast delving into some of the topics covered in the program. The episodes cover everything from abortion rights in the Faroe Islands over Inuit Tattoos, LGBTQIA+ rights in Denmark, to what a traditional Greenlandic ‘kaffemik’ is like.

All the podcasts are produced during the Copenhagen Fellowship in August 2020 by the Fellows. We’re especially grateful to our speakers who generously volunteered their time to participate in the podcasts.  

The speakers featured in the episodes are Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam (member of Danish Parliament for the Greenlandic Party ‘Siumut’), Björn Lingner (Lecturer, Roskilde University), Heini í Skorini (Associate Professor, University of Faroe Islands), Maya Sialuk Jacobsen (traditional Inuit Tatoo Artist and researcher into Inuit culture), Mille Idehen (sexologist), Sara Olsvig (Chair of the Greenlandic Human Rights Council), and Turið Maria Jóhansdóttir (founder of Frítt Val).

The jingle is produced by Sebastian Raft.

‘Stories from the Unity of the Realm’:

  1. Educate Yourself‘ by Mahela Madeleine Nilsson, Aastha KC & Dima Jirjis, 2020 CPH Fellows
  2. What is Kaffemik?‘ by Noémi Báthory-Okunlola, Malik Hansen & Mika Marie Andersen, 2020 CPH Fellows
  3. Colonial Copenhagen‘ by Nanna Vedel-hertz, Patricia Petersen & Malthe Wulsten Gronert, 2020 CPH Fellows
  4. Inuit Tattoos: Tradition and Continuity‘ by Jonas Høiness, Cecilie S. Nobel & Laetitia Gathion, 2020 CPH Fellows
  5. Climate Change – Hot or Not‘ by Kush Raithatha, Lucia Harcegova & Safaa Bilal, 2020 CPH Fellows
  6. LGBTQI+ movement in Denmark‘ by Johanna Schroedl, Eiko Oguchi & Nanna Bak-Jensen, 2020 CPH Fellows
  7. Frítt Val? – The Struggle for Abortion Choice in the Faroe Islands‘ by Emilie Helene Holm, Tór Marni Weihe, Maria McIntyre & Trine Rosengren Pejlstrup, 2020 CPH Fellows