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'Stories From the Unity of the Realm' - Episode 5: 'Climate Change - Hot or Not'



The 2020 Humanity in Action Fellowship presents: the Humanity in Action Podcast Series ‘Stories from the Unity of the Realm’

Episode 5: ‘Climate Change – Hot or Not’

During the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts delving into some of the topics covered on the Fellowship.

Listen to the fith episode ‘Climate Change – Hot or Not’, created by Kush Raithatha, Safaa Bilal and Lucia Harcegova. This episode is a discussion about what the effects of COVID-19 are on climate change. The Fellows dig deeper into different perspectives on what the future might bring and how this crisis can be harnessed in a way not to hinder sustainable development. They spark a conversation on the positives, negatives and future prospects.

The podcast series consists of 7 episodes.

Listen to episode 5 here:

The jingle is produced by Sebastian Raft.