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'Stories From the Unity of the Realm' - Episode 3: 'Colonial Copenhagen'



The 2020 Humanity in Action Fellowship presents: the Humanity in Action Podcast Series ‘Stories from the Unity of the Realm’

Episode 3: ‘Colonial Copenhagen’

During the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts delving into some of the topics covered on the Fellowship.

Listen to the third episode ‘Colonial Copenhagen’, created by Nanna Vedel-hertz, Patricia Petersen & Malthe Wulsten Gronert. In this podcast, the three Fellows invites you on a tour to explore Copenhagen as a post-colonial space. They start off at the buzzling Kongens Nytorv before moving on to the quiet area surrounding the Marble Church. The tour ends on the Copenhagen waterfront in front of the former West Indian Warehouse where the statue I am Queen Mary – the first statue in Denmark commemorating Denmark’s colonial past – is located. With the help of Björn Lingner, external lecturer at Roskilde University, the Fellows guide you through the physical manifestations of Copenhagen’s colonial past. Along the way, they discuss the importance of general historical awareness, how our colonial past affects our society today, and post-colonialism more generally.

The podcast series consists of 7 episodes.

Listen to episode 3 here:

Podcast guest: Björn Lingner  (External lecturer, Roskilde University)

Jingle: Sebastian Raft