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'Stories From the Unity of the Realm' - Episode 6: 'LGBTQI+ Movement in Denmark'



The 2020 Humanity in Action Fellowship presents: the Humanity in Action Podcast Series ‘Stories from the Unity of the Realm’

Episode 6: ‘LGBTQI+ Movement in Denmark’

During the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts delving into some of the topics covered on the Fellowship.

Listen to the sixth episode ‘LGBTQI+ Movement in Denmark’, created by Johanna Schroedl, Eiko Oguchi & Nanna Bak-Jensen.

Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize civil partnerships between samesex couples and generally the country is known for being very progressive with regards to LGBTQI+ rights. But why has the LGBTQI+ movement in Denmark been so successful? And which struggles remain for the Danish LGBTQI+ movement? How can we all contribute to securing rights and safe spaces for LGBTQI+ people, in Denmark as well as abroad? In order to explore these topics further, the Fellows have talked to Mille Idehen – a social anthropologist and an activist within the Danish LGBTQI+ movement.

The podcast series consists of 7 episodes.

Listen to episode 6 here:

Podcast guest: Mille Idehen (social anthropologist and LGBTQI+ activist)

Jingle: Sebastian Raft