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'RAISING A RED FLAG' - from the 2022 HUMAN RIGHTS Cph Fellowship podcast series



During the 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts. The Fellows where free to choose a topic, but all episodes touch upon issues related to Human Rights.

Raising a Red Flag

Can a flag be apolitical? When Danes celebrate birthdays, and many other festive occasions, the Danish flag appear as simple decoration. But does everyone find the flag (only) representive of joyful events? Our 2022 Copenhagen Fellows explore what the Danish flag symbolises in relation to this year’s fellowship theme – ‘The Unity of the Realm and Human Rights’. Listen to the episode and learn more about Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark’s shared history and how the flag has come to play a role in it.

We are grateful to to Seqininnguak Qitura Lynge Poulsen (Artist and Activist) and Tór Marne Weihe (Senior Fellow and President of the Faroese National Union of Students) for participating in the podcast.

This episode is created by Ido Nahari, Katja Madsen, and Gabrielle Santas