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We develop intense, stimulating educational programs for vocational and college college students, recent graduates, and young professionals. We support local and community-based initiatives and through professional Fellowships. We also organize public events and develop tailored trainings for larger audiences. Together with experts from academia, activism, the arts, journalism, politics, and the corporate sector, we explore critical social justice issues in the Netherlands.

2022 European Fellowship ©Sharon Nathan

We believe in the power of diversity. We engage young people from various socio-economic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

The relationships between past and present, theory and practice are our points of departure. From a historical perspective, we examine the current challenges in our diverse society with a specific regard for human rights and, in particular, the rights of minorities. Our programs traditionally focus on the history of the Holocaust, the second world war, as well as the slavery and colonial past of the Netherlands. The program’s historical perspectives serve as a backdrop for contemporary conversations on matters of equality, civil rights, and personal freedom

A black man is speaking in front of a group. The photo is taken from behind him and you can see the group sitting in a circle. He is wearing a white t-shirt with numbers on it, he is wearing glasses and is bald.

Photo: ©Marloes Lakerveld

Professional Opportunities

Through our international network, we create professional opportunities for Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows.