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All Eyes on Gaza: Iftar and Open Mic



Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish wrote: “in Gaza time is something different. Because in Gaza time is not a neutral element. It does not compel people to cool contemplation, but rather to explosion and a collision with reality. Time there does not take children from childhood to old age. Time in Gaza is not relaxation, but storming the burning noon. Because in Gaza values are different, different, different.”

Gaza is facing a humanitarian crisis, marked by constant bombardment, starvation, and numerous innocent people who have been killed. This situation, which tests us in our own humanity, keeps many of us up at night.

Senior Fellow Zeyneb Kasmi organized an Iftar to acknowledge the tragic events unfolding in Gaza and to provide a space to collectively reflect and connect on a deeper level. She read stories and poems from Palestinians as well as her own pieces, inviting our staff and Senior Fellows to openly share their reflections.