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'The Troublesome History of Columbus Day and the “Discovery” of America'. A new article written by 2021 Fellow Carla Florio



‘The Troublesome History of Columbus Day and the “Discovery” of America’ is a new article examining the history behind Colombus Day celebrated each year on October 12th.

Looking into topics such as colonialism, race and cultural diversity the article critically investigates the reason why we celebrate the discovery of the Americas when it was already discovered by the people inhabiting it.

Further, it dives into the current wave of displeasure with the holiday focusing on the protests, vandalisation and tearing down of Christopher Columbus and other Spanish-Crown-related statues over recent years across different Latin American countries.

As 2021 Copenhagen Fellow, Carla Florio puts it:

“This festivity, which has taken place for little more than a century, has been subject to controversy for its associated themes and meanings – after all, the continent was inhabited by indigenous people before any European set their foot on the land.”

You can read the full article by following this link.

The article is published in the online media the Postcolonial with 2021 Fellow Lasse Sørensen as Founding Editor-In-Chief.