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Jasamin's analysis of "Orientalism as a Symptom"



In a recent book review published by Deutschlandfunk Culture, Senior Fellow Jasamin Ulfat-Seddiqzai covers the criticism penned by Wael B. Hallaq in “Orientalism as a Symptom.”

Jasamin starts off by writing that Edward Saeed’s work “Orientalism” written in 1979 has invited both praise and criticisms, and then begins to explore one of the criticisms put forth by Hallaq. While agreeing to the criticisms penned by Hallaq against Saeed, Jasamin finds Hallaq’s work incomplete.

She criticizes Hallaq’s work as falling short of answering some of the very questions that he raises against Saeed. She adds that the vagueness of the book could been avoided had the author streamlined and reduced the words found in the 350 pages of text.