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The "MUTplaner" is out!



As part of her Landecker Project, Cesy Leonard has been working tirelessly on the “MUTplaner” – a radical calendar inspiring anyone to take action week after week in 2023. The planner is now available for purchase.
The MUTplaner is an undated appointment calendar including step-by-step instructions to train the emblematic MUTmuscle – “Couragemuscle.”
According to Cesy and the Radikale Töchter, the planner helps one recognize what their political values are. What is more, the MUTplaner can help one find a vision and get into action.
Climate crisis, racism, war, poverty…. We cannot afford to be apolitical!“, the team says. “Mindfulness and self-care may be enough to feel better about ourselves, but our society needs (also) politically acting people,” they add.
The planner is climate neutral and made in Berlin. The materials used are organic, vegan, mineral-, palm-, and oil-free.

Cesy is one of thirty 2021-2022 Landecker Democracy Fellows. This fellowship, a collaboration between the Alfred Landecker Foundationand Humanity in Action, was created to strengthen a new generation of leaders whose approaches to political and social challenges can become catalysts for democratic placemaking and community building. Read more about the fellowship here.