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Cesy Leonard

Artistic Director and Founder, Radikale Töchter


Cesy Leonard is an action artist, speaker, and founder of the Radikale Töchter (Radical Daughters) – inspiring people through political art to stand up for democracy, freedom, equality, brotherhood, and sisterhood. Early in her career, Cesy discovered her passion to let art take place where it provokes and makes a political statement – as a graffiti artist and rapper. She studied acting in Berlin and worked in film, television, theater. She often experiences what it means to have to conform to a clichéd image of women, which led her to direct her own films. In 2012, she won the Web Video Award for her film Guilt – the barbarism of Europe about food speculation. Also, in 2012 she joined the artistic staff of the collective Center for Political Beauty, which uses their art to create publicity for pressing political issues. Art’s power to mobilize people to act inspired the idea for the Radikale Töchter. Funded by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education) as a model project the team works to strengthen democracy in the former GDR (East Germany). Cesy is the mother of two children and lives in Berlin.

Updated November 2021

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