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Cesy & Radikale Töchter receive the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung funding



Senior Landecker Fellow Cesy Leonard is the founder of the Radikale Töchter (Radical Daughters) – an organization inspiring people through political art to stand up for democracy, freedom, equality, brotherhood, and sisterhood.

Recently, the organization received the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung funding for their action art workshops in Brandenburg.

In 2024, the state elections in Brandenburg are due. The state has the fourth lowest voter turnout in Germany. Voting is the smallest form of political participation. What comes next?,” Radical Daughters asked their audience on LinkedIn.

“We want to inspire young people in Brandenburg for democracy in the long term! Everywhere the desire for simplicity and deceleration is loud. Right-wing parties exploit people’s fear and go to voter catching. We want to counter this. Art, and especially action art, has always had the potential to represent complicated real contexts and make them discussable.” – Radical Daughters

The main goal of the group is to empower young people and together look for a kind of political participation in which they do not burn out.

Cesy is one of thirty 2021-2022 Landecker Democracy Fellows. This fellowship, a collaboration between the Alfred Landecker Foundationand Humanity in Action, was created to strengthen a new generation of leaders whose approaches to political and social challenges can become catalysts for democratic placemaking and community building. Read more about the fellowship here.