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Nabila on the findings in Cardinal Michael Faulhaber's diaries



Senior Fellow Nabila Abdel Aziz wrote an article for BR24 in which she discusses the diaries of Cardinal Michael von Faulhabers. These are, for the first time, available online.

As Nabila explains, the process of making them available is an “interdisciplinary long-term project of historians, theologians and computer scientists.”

According to the article, 6,962 documents were made available in the database so far. It is a critical edition, shining lights of many historical instances. For example, the diaries showcase how von Faulhabers rejected requests for help for deported Jews, or criticized the resistance against the regime.

The entries from 1942 to 1944 are now available on the Faulhaber portal which is operated by scientists.

The full article by Nabila is available in German on this BR24 page. To read more articles Nabila wrote for BR24, follow this link.