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Walid Malik Elected as National Board Member of the DeGeDE e.V.



Walid Malik, a child rights advocate and researcher based in Berlin, Germany, has recently been elected to the national board of the German Society for Democracy Education (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demokratiepädagogik – DeGeDe e.V.).

This marks a significant milestone in his life, reflecting his commitment to democratic education and human rights, especially in the current turbulent times. With a family history in Germany spanning a century, Walid brings a unique perspective to his role as a democrat.

Over the next two years, he looks forward to advancing democracy education in Germany. His focus will be on two key areas:

1. Establishing a culture of human rights, particularly children’s and youth rights, within education and upbringing.

2. Integrating historical-political education with democracy education to combat antisemitism and racism, and emphasizing the importance of historical context for contemporary and future democratic orientation. Walid’s approach is inspired by the humanistic message of Anne Frank. He advocates for a discrimination-aware and diversity-conscious approach to democracy education.

For this purpose, Walid is initiating the working group “Democratic History and Political Education”. Would you like to join this working group? If so, please contact him by email at

For more information about the German society for Democratic Education, please visit their (german) website.

The German Society for Democracy Education (DeGeDe) is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting democracy in educational and youth institutions. It sees a particularly important task in the decisive development of democratic learning and democratic culture in schools. This can be achieved together with students, parents, teachers, and all those involved in science, administration, politics, and civil society concerning education and upbringing.

The DeGeDe embodies many of the core values of Humanity in Action. This includes minority protection, promotion of dialogue and diversity, combating discrimination, strengthening democracy and diversity, and networking among multipliers.