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Golden Dawn Watch



Senior Fellow Daphne Karagianni, a lawyer, is a member of the Golden Dawn Watch observatory. She used her background in law to observe and record the trial proceedings related to Golden Dawn, a neo-nazi group in Greece. In a recent video she talked about her experience and work as an observer during the trial against this far-right political party. This party is often   classified as a neo-nazi and fascist group. Daphne spoke about her responsibility to not just record the proceedings, but to make sure that the information is widely known and remembered. See the full video here (video in greek with english subtitles)

Recently, Golden Dawn has been found guilty of running a criminal organization in a landmark verdict that wrapped up one of the most important political trials in the country’s modern history. The court tied the neo-nazi party to a string of attacks, attempted murders, and hate crimes, including the fatal stabbing of an antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.