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Senior Fellow Pirmin Olde Weghuis on the U.S. Primaries and the Lantos Congressional Fellowship



How do the Primaries in the United States work? Senior Fellow Pirmin Olde Weghuis explains it to you in – again – a podcast! In the 90th edition of the Dutch podcast series ‘Betrouwbare Bronnen’, Pirmin not only explains why Michigan and Wisconsin are more important than California, but also how it comes he has worked for Congresswoman Graciela Flores “Grace” Napolitano. Pirmin explains that it was Humanity in Action, and he Lantos ‘Congressional’ Fellowship in particular, that offered him the opportunity to go to the United States. The Lantos program is named after Tom Lantos, a former American congressman. Tom Lantos was a Holocaust survivor and a human rights champion. 

Pirmin: “Lantos therefore wanted to give Europeans the opportunity to experience the American experiment of democracy by giving them a place at the heart of it.”

Want to know more? Listen to the entire podcast below and click here for more information about the Lantos Fellowship.