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Senior Fellow and China-Correspondent Anouk Eigenraam Speaks out After a 14-day Quarantine Period



Senior Fellow Anouk Eigenraam, China-correspondent for Dutch newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’, was one of the two Dutch journalists present in Wuhan, China. After reporting from the area affected by the corona virus, Anouk was evacuated and stayed in quarantine for two weeks. Anouk’ s story has now been covered by the Dutch media. Anouk was interviewed about her experience on television for a Dutch talkshow, OP1. Anouk: “Sitting with a friend in a cafe and eating cake” about what she did first after being in quarantine.

In another article for ‘Financieel Dagblad’ Anouk elaborates further on her experiences of the past weeks: ‘In Wuhan I was asked to report on the situation there. Now I am part of the news. It is a dual function that I continue to struggle with’. Reportedly, overt racism against Dutch citizens with an Asian background has increased. Anouk mentions that ‘stories from Dutch people with a Chinese background that are now being claimed to be walking viruses are not very reassuring’.

You can view the fragment (in Dutch) of the talkshow OP1 here and you can read the article (in Dutch) of ‘Financieel Dagblad’ here.