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 C’est ça l’Amérique



Humanity in Action Board Member Claude Grunitzky was recently featured in a podcast called C’est ça l’Amérique. As a black entrepreneur, he discussed the plight of African Americans in the US. Although many western countries have issues of racism, he differentiates the issues concerning African Americans by discussing the roots of racism in the United States. Racist policies have been ingrained in the nation’s history, cumulating to the extreme violence that is currently on display for the world to see. Besides the goal of survival in interactions with the police, Claude discusses the desire of many black Americans to participate in the economy of the country on equal footing. There are deep-seated discriminatory practices and biases that disadvantage black Americans. This podcast episode delves into these social and economic issues, particularly in relation to politics now that it is an election year. Listen to the full episode here (in French).