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Letters to the Editor: Bay Area must stand together against hate



Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel wrote a letter to the editor of San Francisco Chronicle in response to the “Manny’s S.F. café tagged with ‘antisemitic’ graffiti” article (, June 9). The piece also includes letters written by Stefan Gruenwedel, Stuart Collins, Tracey Ayres, and Keith Yoshizuka.

Here is the text of Noam’s letter:

“Regarding “Manny’s S.F. café tagged with ‘antisemitic’ graffiti” (, June 9): The recent report of another anti-Jewish attack in the Bay Area targeting Manny’s in San Francisco is deeply distressing. Such crimes have taken place repeatedly in part because there is insufficient condemnation of them at the grassroots level and insufficient public protest of the hatred they express and the harm that they cause.

Many Jews in the Bay Area and across the country are experiencing heightened vulnerability and fear as a result of these anti-Jewish hate crimes, which have risen considerably in the past month. There is an urgent need for greater intersectional solidarity with the Jewish community to reject attacks and demand respect for their rights and to stand up for freedom, equality and justice for Jewish Americans. African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Muslim Americans are also experiencing discrimination and hate crimes alongside these anti-Jewish attacks, and we must all stand together to vigorously defend human rights, dignity and equality grounded in genuine inclusion and mutual respect.”

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