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Ianne Fields Stewart on Good Morning America



Senior Fellow Ianne Fields Stewart was interviewed by news correspondent Janai Norman on ABC’s Good Morning America show. The interview, which also included Tricia Hersey , founder of The Nap Ministry, covered the harmful effects of worker exploitation and burnout and how the trope ‘strong black woman’ can exacerbate its negative effects for black women.

Ianne, Tricia, and Janai spoke about the disparities that black women face in the workplace in relation to their place in society. Tricia discussed how Black women are often more susceptible to abuse, manipulation, worker exploitation and trauma in the workplace. According to her, they aren’t afforded the luxury of  being judged on their quality as a human being, but rather for what they are able to produce.

“We need to remove the idea that every black woman must be a strong black woman.”

During the interview, Ianne Fields Stewart drew from her own experience as a black trans-woman and the role that she was forced to adopt after the transition. She further spoke about the difficulties of first being denied her womanhood as a child growing up in Alabama, and again after her transition.

Ianne’s experience as an adult black woman, like many others, meant that she was forced to deny her emotions and vulnerability while assuming the role of a ‘strong black woman’.

According to Ianne, the trope ‘strong black woman’ ignores the mental health needs of black women. These ladies are fighting to make sure that this stigma is torn down.